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We are pleased to welcome you at ACE EquiParts – the international trading company for the purchase and sale of complete diesel engines, parts and associated items.

From our centrally located warehouse in Singapore we reach destinations across the globe.

Browse through our site and convince yourself of our broad range of options. We have a complete product range to satisfy all your shipping needs or keep your power plant operational.

Please let us know how we can be of service and you may be sure of our immediate reaction.


Since the beginning, AceEquiparts has made itself concerned to all customers’ demands and needs. From spare parts, heavy and light industrial equipment, tools to services. We seek to provide what our clientele requires us. We make sure that only the best is offered to them. At AceEquiparts, we continue confirming the trust our customers have placed in us and to achieve our visions and goals, we work together with our group and manufacturers around the globe. Our mission is to offer our customers reliable products, equipment and services that bring advantage and benefits.

About Us

Our company was formed in 2011 by people of same vision coming together to serve the construction and mining industry providing top quality fulfillment and service for broad range of industrial and commercial equipment and tools.

We are a subsidiary of Buildmate Group of Companies
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